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  • The Lost Arcade

    2015 year 79 min 7.0 IMDB
    Anthony Cali, Henry Cen, Akuma Hokoru, Seth Killian
    The story of Chinatown Fair, the legendary arcade located in the heart of New York's Chinatown. This documentary explores how the arcade became a shelter to a community...
  • BomBhaat

    2020 year 136 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Sai Sushanth Reddy, Simran Chowdary, Makrand Deshpande, Priyadarshi
    An extremely unfortunate guy battling his destiny, stuck in a Love triangle, gets entangled in a decades old revenge saga between his God Father and a Mad scientist cha...
  • Wobble Palace

    2018 year 86 min 6.0 IMDB
    Dasha Nekrasova, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Paige Elkington, Kim Ye
    On the eve of America's most traumatic election, a couple, Jane and Eugene on the verge of a nervous break-up decide to split their house up over the weekend. Desperate...
  • Bhutto

    2010 year 111 min 8.0 IMDB
    Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Asif Ali Zardari
    A riveting documentary of the recently assassinated Benazir Bhutto, a polarizing figure in the Muslim world. Following in her father's footsteps as a pillar for democra...
  • The Love Letter

    1998 year 99 min 7.0 IMDB
    Campbell Scott, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Dukes, Estelle Parsons
    Scotty Corrigan buys an antique desk and finds a Civil War-era letter inside it,
  • Captain America

    1990 year 97 min 3.0 IMDB
    Matt Salinger, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty, Darren McGavin
    During World War II, a brave, patriotic American Soldier undergoes experiments to become a new supersoldier, "Captain America." Racing to Germany to sabotage the rocket...
  • The Secret Garden

    1949 year 92 min 8.0 IMDB
    Margaret O'Brien, Herbert Marshall, Dean Stockwell, Gladys Cooper
    When cholera takes the parents of Mary Lennox, she is shipped from India to England to live with her Uncle Craven. Archibald Craven's house is dark and drafty, with ove...
  • Chasing 3000

    2010 year 115 min 6.0 IMDB
    Ray Liotta, Rory Culkin, Trevor Morgan, Tania Raymonde
    Two brothers drive across country to see their hero, Roberto Clemente, get his 3000th hit.
  • The Reading Room

    2005 year 93 min 7.0 IMDB
    James Earl Jones, Joanna Cassidy, Douglas Spain, Keith Robinson
    Making good on a promise he made to his dying wife, a widower (Jones) opens a reading room, a place where people can learn to read. Despite his goodwill, problems in th...
  • King of Knives

    2020 year 95 min 0.0 IMDB
    Gene Pope, Mel Harris, Roxi Pope
    A New York family implodes over three days as they careen through mid-life and quarter-life crises.
  • Volcanic Planet

    2014 year 80 min 0.0 IMDB
    George Kourounis, Peter Rowe
    An exploration of volcanoes around the world. Adventure Filmmaker Peter Rowe climbs and films 19 volcanoes around the world, from Iceland to the Congo, Italy to Indones...
  • Bird's Eye

    2019 year 47 min 1.0 IMDB
    When a paintball team hops the fence to go play with their friends on private property, a reclusive land-owner strikes back in full force with an arsenal of remote-cont...
  • Zegen

    1987 year 124 min 7.0 IMDB
    Ken Ogata, Mitsuko Baishô, Chun-Hsiung Ko, Norihei Miki
    Imamura Shohei is not, perhaps, if one has seen films like Vengeance Is Mine, Intentions Of Murder, Insect Woman or Karayuki-San, the first choice one might imagine to ...
  • Get My Gun

    2017 year 90 min 6.0 IMDB
    Kate Hoffman, Rosanne Rubino, Christy Casey, William Jousset
    After an assault leaves Amanda pregnant and out of a job, she finds herself on the verge of motherhood and the target of a psychotic stalker who will stop at nothing to...
  • The Hatred

    2018 year 59 min 6.0 IMDB
    Zelda Adams, John Law, Lulu Adams, Thomas Burnham
    An orphaned young girl conjures an executed soldier back from the dead and together they deliver hell in the Blackfoot territory of the late 1800's.